Sue Shi Survival    

The ghosts of sea creatures you've slaughtered as a sushi chef are out for revenge. Survive the night by exterminating crowds of them for the second time!


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In Sink (in development)

Work together to solve the various puzzles and escape rooms and break free in this stylized multiplayer co-op adventure. Victory requires more than just you and your partner thinking alike - you'll have to be In Sink.

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Fastest Hands In The WASD

A Wild West themed incremental/clicker game, but this time you type WASD to shoot. Utilize and customize the various weapons to find a combo that works for you, or use the Showdown and Training modes to benchmark how fast you can type WASD.

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Paper Acres (on-hold)

A relaxing multiplayer life-sim where you can farm, fish, collect, and more - all while living in the same town as your friends. Rebuild and upgrade the town square to get access to more shops, more villagers, and even pets!




We're a two-man indie team stationed in North America. 

                         Cohn Art/Sound                                   Rain Programming

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